Why Visit Calgary Canada


Calgary is one of the vibrant and creative cities of Canada. Calgary has numerous skyscrapers and is famous for ski slopes and hiking trails. There are so many fun things to do in Calgary. Here is the list of top places to visit in Calgary

1- Stephen Avenue Walk:

If you want to have the best shopping experience then go to Stephen Avenue walk. You can find so many shopping stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It’s such a lively place to visit. You can enjoy live performances, and music festivals. Stephen avenue walk also gives you fantastic photo opportunities.

2- Heritage Park:

The heritage park is a 66-acre living history village where you will find hundreds of exhibits, exciting rides, shops, and restaurants. Whether you are a history buff or not, you will definitely enjoy this place. Moreover, the park is beautiful and you can explore the historic houses there. Heritage Park also offers a ride on a steam locomotive or a horse-drawn wagon which is a favorite of all the visitors.

3-  Calgary Tower:

The Calgary Tower is a 190.8-meter freestanding observation tower that gives you panoramic views of the city. Calgary tower was originally called Husky tower and was built to honor Canada’s centennial year of 1967. It was opened to the public in 1968 and was the tallest building in Canada outside of Toronto. Calgary tower gives stunning views of the city and also the mountains. You can come here and enjoy the views and the visitors will also find audio guides which explain the history of Calgary and the tower.

4- Wonderland Sculpture

When you are visiting Calgary the wonderland sculpture is a must-see. Wonderland Sculpture is a 12-meter tall public art piece, which is made by the Spanish sculptor, Jaume Plensa. The sculpture at night looks more stunning. It’s one of the best public art you will ever see.

5- Prince’s Island Park:

Prince’s Island Park is an urban park that offers recreational activities. You will have a fun time going there. It’s a  great place to go for a walk, bike ride, or just sightseeing. You can relax in the fresh air and the atmosphere of the park is peaceful. You can also find a river where you can enjoy swimming. It’s a great place to relax or enjoy fun activities including biking, hiking, and fishing. The trails of prince island park are lined with cottonwood trees which look so beautiful when you enjoy walking or biking.

6- The Calgary Zoo:

At the Calgary zoo, you can see about 900 animals from around the world. It’s the best place to visit for all ages. The pandas at the Calgary zoo are the cutest animals you will ever see. The pandas are a big highlight at the zoo. It’s a famous tourist destination in Calgary. Apart from watching animals you can also visit and explore the botanical garden which features flora and fauna across the world. There is also something for history lovers. You can visit the prehistoric park which showcases the region’s history.

Phoenix Arizona – Fun in the Sun?

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the largest and capital city in Arizona known for its warm and dry climate. Phoenix is a perfect place to visit for sun-lovers. Phoenix has so many arts and cultural attractions and outdoor activities to enjoy. You will enjoy visiting Phoenix the most because of its variety of places to explore.

1- Musical Instrument Museum:

The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona has more than 6,000 instruments from all around the world. The museum displays instruments from almost 200 countries. The museum has five galleries, each gallery exhibiting a unique collection of musical instruments. You can also play some of the instruments in the museum and see the clothing of famous musicians from all over the world. The museum also hosts live music and concerts every year, so it’s always fun to visit the museum any time of the year.

2- Papago Park: Papago Park is home to lots of exciting attractions and recreational opportunities. Papago Park has natural trails which are amazing for hiking. You

can see some birds and wildlife too on your trip to Papago Park. The park is very scenic and a nice place to go for a picnic. You will also find fishing lakes and golf courses if you don’t like hiking. You can walk or enjoy many activities in this park and also the hole in the rock is worth seeing.

3- Heard Museum:

This is one of the best museums in Phoenix where you will see educational exhibits about Native American Culture. At Heard Museum you will be in another time of history. The museum exhibits a great collection of Native American artworks, artifacts, and archaeological objects. The museum was founded in 1929 and has a collection of more than 40,000 historical artifacts. The museum also hosts several cultural events and festivals which feature Native American artists and performers. You will have a wonderful learning experience visiting Heard Museum.

4- Desert Botanical Garden: The Desert Botanical Garden is home to thousands of different plant species. You will see many colorful butterflies and hummingbirds on your visit to the Desert Botanical garden. You can stroll in the garden and enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere. This beautiful garden is home to more

than 50,000 gorgeous plants. The views from the garden are beautiful too. It’s a nice colorful place to visit and see the beauty of nature.

5- Roosevelt Row District:

Roosevelt Row district is home to art galleries, restaurants, bars, and boutique shops. You will find many murals and artists’ studios in the Roosevelt Row district. It’s a very nice vibrant place and also hosts lots of fun festivals and cultural events. You can have a wonderful time here. Whether you want to shop, eat delicious food, or see art, this place won’t disappoint you. Having so many things and artistic attractions in one place, Roosevelt Row district is a must-visit place in Phoenix.

Top Things You Will Need To Enjoy Your Game Drive

If you love watching animals, then there is nothing that will give you more pleasure than a game drive. When you travel to a new destination, you can always visit a park and see different animals. Different parks have a variety of animal species that you can’t find elsewhere. Africa seems to have the most popular game parks. Kenya & Uganda are well-known. 

But to enjoy a game drive there a number of things you should have. These are the bare minimums that you must have at all times if you wish to enjoy a good game drive. It doesn’t matter where you want to go for the game drive. 

This article will share some of the critical things you need to enjoy a good game drive with you.  This Article was inspired by friends.

  • Park Fees 

Almost every park in the world is controlled either by the government or private agencies. As a way to manage the park, visitors pay some fees. Most parks will charge different amounts. And if you want to enjoy any park, you must pay for the park you need. 

Depending on the destination you are going to, you will need different amounts. The most basic thing to do is to know the amount of money you are needed to pay. And then have the money with you. 

  • Good and Secure Transport Means 

Most parks are huge. You can’t walk through them. Others have dangerous animals. And you can’t risk your life by just walking through the park. 

This is why you will need good transport means. It should also be secure enough to protect you from the animals that you will encounter along your way. 

Most importantly, ensure you pick a means that can serve you in your game drive. If the park has dangerous animals, use vehicles with safety gear. 

Also, ensure the transport is within your means. You don’t have to break a bank to get a ride through the park. 

  • A Good Camera 

You need to capture and store the memories of the day. This is why you need a good camera when you are visiting a game park. But most importantly, have the camera on standby. You need to capture the moment as it happens. And this won’t be possible is you don’t carry the camera with you. 

  • Comfortable shoes 

You will need good shoes. This is especially if you will get out of your vehicle and have a walk or go for a hike. Besides, even if you don’t hike, you will at some point get out of your car. And this will mean you need comfortable shoes that can protect you from thorns and rocky surfaces in the park. 

Sporty shoes are better than any other type of shoes that you could think of getting in your game drive. 

Parting Shot 

If you are looking for a game drive experience that you will remember forever, ensure you get everything you need before the drive. Carry your camera, capture and store the memories.