Why Visit Calgary Canada


Calgary is one of the vibrant and creative cities of Canada. Calgary has numerous skyscrapers and is famous for ski slopes and hiking trails. There are so many fun things to do in Calgary. Here is the list of top places to visit in Calgary

1- Stephen Avenue Walk:

If you want to have the best shopping experience then go to Stephen Avenue walk. You can find so many shopping stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It’s such a lively place to visit. You can enjoy live performances, and music festivals. Stephen avenue walk also gives you fantastic photo opportunities.

2- Heritage Park:

The heritage park is a 66-acre living history village where you will find hundreds of exhibits, exciting rides, shops, and restaurants. Whether you are a history buff or not, you will definitely enjoy this place. Moreover, the park is beautiful and you can explore the historic houses there. Heritage Park also offers a ride on a steam locomotive or a horse-drawn wagon which is a favorite of all the visitors.

3-  Calgary Tower:

The Calgary Tower is a 190.8-meter freestanding observation tower that gives you panoramic views of the city. Calgary tower was originally called Husky tower and was built to honor Canada’s centennial year of 1967. It was opened to the public in 1968 and was the tallest building in Canada outside of Toronto. Calgary tower gives stunning views of the city and also the mountains. You can come here and enjoy the views and the visitors will also find audio guides which explain the history of Calgary and the tower.

4- Wonderland Sculpture

When you are visiting Calgary the wonderland sculpture is a must-see. Wonderland Sculpture is a 12-meter tall public art piece, which is made by the Spanish sculptor, Jaume Plensa. The sculpture at night looks more stunning. It’s one of the best public art you will ever see.

5- Prince’s Island Park:

Prince’s Island Park is an urban park that offers recreational activities. You will have a fun time going there. It’s a  great place to go for a walk, bike ride, or just sightseeing. You can relax in the fresh air and the atmosphere of the park is peaceful. You can also find a river where you can enjoy swimming. It’s a great place to relax or enjoy fun activities including biking, hiking, and fishing. The trails of prince island park are lined with cottonwood trees which look so beautiful when you enjoy walking or biking.

6- The Calgary Zoo:

At the Calgary zoo, you can see about 900 animals from around the world. It’s the best place to visit for all ages. The pandas at the Calgary zoo are the cutest animals you will ever see. The pandas are a big highlight at the zoo. It’s a famous tourist destination in Calgary. Apart from watching animals you can also visit and explore the botanical garden which features flora and fauna across the world. There is also something for history lovers. You can visit the prehistoric park which showcases the region’s history.